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About Us

DreamPower Therapy, Inc. is a non-profit organization working with physically and mentally challenged clients from age 3 to 80. Dream Power offers therapeutic, sport and recreational horseback riding in outdoor arenas as well as on our beautiful trails. Dream Power Therapy is a member of the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH)

The DreamPower Team is comprised of community, corporate and industry leaders who are dedicated to our mission, and selflessly give of themselves to ensure that people with special needs can enjoy our programs. Our PATH certified therapeutic riding instructors conduct all of the sessions on horses specially selected and trained for this type of therapeutic program. Serving between 50-100 students, DreamPower has provided a way for scores of special needs children and adults to fulfill their dreams. Since 1993, we have served Metro Atlanta and the surrounding Northeast Georgia communities of Alpharetta, Canton, Cumming & Gainesville.

 In November of 2015, Gina reunited with her highschool love, Gordon Hunt, from Oak Ridge Military Academy and  moved to Jamestown, NC in January of 2016. They had been looking for eachother for 32 years! Gordon is an accomplished & widely respected business owner who is also the North Carolina PAC chair for NFIB & supports Dream Power as it's CFO.


Meet our Program Director, Gina Little

Gina Little took over Dream Power as the CEO and PATH instructor January of 2009. Her special interest is those who have suffered abuse and trauma. Please CLICK HERE to read her story and programs she has added to Dream Power.

Gina is a Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor through PATH International. She opened her first business at 22, is an accomplished artist as well as published poet. Her goal is to bring as many of her talents to the table while empowering others to do the same so we all may share in the multi-layered benefits of our work. Through her personal healing process from childhood sexual & physical abuse, Gina knows the pains and pitfalls found in struggling to find healing for herself. Gina has taken her experience of healing from a wounded and disabled victim to an empowered capable person and created programs to help others and their families. Gina’s experience with her own daughter’s journey also motivated her to create a program not only for young adults and women, but also for families and children so as adults they don’t needlessly suffer or continue the cycle.

We are more than happy to speak with your mental health professional about working with us to provide Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. 



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