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DreamPower Therapy

 Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide therapeutic horsemanship that is healing, empowering and nurturing to persons with disabilities, handicaps and/or special needs – whether their needs be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. The opportunity to serve any person who becomes a part of Dream Power, whether a client, volunteer, staff or family member, helps us create an environment for miraculous and measurable growth resulting in a new found freedom, peace and joy that cannot be duplicated in any other therapy model.

We are dedicated to pursuing knowledge and awareness of the most current therapies because we hold ourselves responsible for providing the highest quality equine activities for individuals, families & groups. 


If there is a Severe Weather Alert of thunderstorm or tornados or if it is below 40* or hotter than 92*  we don't ride.

The Magic of the Movement:

Horses are natural therapy tools.  Their walking gait almost perfectly simulates the movement of a person's pelvis when walking on two healthy legs. During a therapeutic riding session, the therapist directs the horse's movements to stimulate specific neuromuscular reactions. This action relaxes and stimulates unused muscles, builds muscle tone, and improves balance, coordination and joint mobility. This mobility is therapeutic for almost every type of disability.  In the case of mental or emotional disorders and victims of trauma, the process of  learning horsemanship (care of & a connection with a horse) as well as how to ride is used to improve social skills, concentration, increase confidence, patience and build self esteem. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills are taught by a lifecoach that has been through the healing process using the skills successful themselves.

  A Unique Bond Between Horse and Rider

Experts have found that clients respond to the horses with an enthusiasm that can't be matched in the traditional clinical environment.  Our horses accept each individual unconditionally, no questions asked.  The strong bond that soon develops becomes a vital part of therapy.

The Team:

Our therapy team includes a horse, a therapist or certified therapeutic riding instructor and volunteers who work directly with the horse and rider to ensure safety.

Each horse is carefully chosen for its quiet personality and suitable movement, then specially trained for this type of work.

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