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Dream Power is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that facilitates therapeutic equine assisted therapy and learning by connecting a community of sponsors, care givers and volunteers to provide low or no cost programs for individuals.




Dream Power's mission is to bring together professionals and donors to provide therapeutic horsemanship that is healing empowering and nurturing to persons with disabilities, handicaps, challenges and/or other needs - whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.


Our PATH certified therapeutic riding instructors conduct all of the sessions on horses specially selected and trained for these types of therapeutic program. Serving between 50-100 clients, Dream Power provides ways for scores of children and adults to heal, grow and fulfill dreams.


The Dream Power Team is comprised of a community of corporate and industry leaders who are dedicated to our mission, and selflessly give of themselves to ensure that people with various needs can enjoy our programs. Since 1993, we have served Metro Atlanta and Northeast Georgia.


Gina Little

Anil Kumar

Garren Smalls

Dr. James Craig

Greg Freeman, CPA

Craig Stansberry

Rev. Bobby Pierce

Kymberley Kraslow

Sally Pierce


Leah Thompson

Minal Shah

Christina Moseri
PATH Instructor in Training

Leanne & Olivia Owens

Chris Frechette
Digital Content Administrator

Ronda Perdue
PATH Instructor in Training




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"When you are on a great horse, you have the best seat you will ever have."
Winston Churchill

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Gina Little

Gina Little took over Dream Power in January of 2009.  Gina is a Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor through PATH International and a Certified Peer Support Specialist.  She opened her first business at 22, is an accomplished artist and a published poet.  She aspires to share her talents with others while empowering them to do the same. 

Gina’s lifelong journey healing from childhood sexual & physical abuse, decades of recovery from alcoholism and addiction, then becoming a statistic of getting into abusive relationships as an adult with complex PTSD led her to develop a tried & true, unique and wonderfully effective equine therapy program that incorporates DBT skills (dialectical behavior therapy) in her therapeutic horsemanship lessons. Her own experiences coupled with supporting her own daughter’s journey in recovery has motivated her to dedicate herself to developing and continually refining the expertise necessary to create and facilitate programs that maximize growth, healing and empowerment for individuals facing the challenges of injury, trauma, abuse, addiction or disability.

Dr. James Craig

Dr. Craig graduated Emory University with honors in Biology and went on to receive his Medical Degree from the Medical College of Georgia.

After Board Certifications in Family Medicine, he subspecialized in Addiction Medicine and is certified by both the American Board of Addiction Medicine and The American Board of Family Medicine.

He is the founding partner of Craig Wellness and Recovery and serves as Director of Addiction Services for Highland Rivers.  He is also associate professor of medicine at the Medical College of Georgia and Mercer University.

He is the author of two books: Being a Drug Addict and Other Secrets of Life, and Push Down and Turn: Under and Above the Influence.

His passion for treating patients with the disease of addiction has expanded to projects involving education of the public on the nature and social consequences of addicted disorders.


Kymberley Krasnow

Kymberley is a lifetime philanthropist, naturapath, serial entrepreneur and lifetime equestrian owner and trainer. 

She has for over 25 years diversified investments, venture cap and solutions for funding, industry branding and product placement as sole proprietor of Concept III International.

She is a former holistic practitioner of two successful practices; Elewa Health and Wellness and Back to Basic Health Chiropractic in North GA.

Leah Thompson
Special Projects Consultant/Volunteer

Leah is our most tenured volunteer.  In addition to working on projects for and volunteering with Dream Power, Leah has worked as a Client Relations Specialist and a Veterinary Technician.

When Leah is not working or volunteering, she enjoys playing any kind of sport, cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs with her husband Jeffrey, and riding horses. She admits she is “mildly obsessed” with football and (Kraft) macaroni and cheese.

Minal Shah, MRC, NCC, LPC
CEO, Clinical Director of Atlanta DBT

With a background in trauma medicine and a Rehabilitation Counseling integrative degree in law, medicine and psychology, Minal brings a fresh perspective and the ability to provide comprehensive care for each patient.  She has been in practice for over thirty years now, acquiring skills and knowledge that have helped her treat some of the most challenging cases in mental health.  She believes in a curative mindset, with an aim towards resolving all illness and ending suffering.  Minal believes that emotional brain health needs to be treated akin to conventional medicine–with a resolution or cure/remission in mind, not endless weekly appointments.

  • Intensively Trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, directly under the founder of the treatment, Marsha Linehan, PhD
  • Adolescent and family DBT under the treatment’s founder, Alec Miller, PhD.
  • Intensively Trained in Mentalization Based Treatment at McLean hospital, specifically designed for difficult disorders by treatment founders Dr.  Bateman, MA, FRCPsych and Dr. Fonagy, PhD
  • Intensively Trained in Radically Open DBT in the first cohort offered in the U.S., by the founder, Tom Lynch, PhD.

Extensive study in CBT with David Burns, MD, author of Feeling Good, The New Mood Therapy.  Case-Based clinical training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy with Shari Manning, PhD of the Treatment Implementation Collaborative (the former president of Behavioral-Tech).  DBT for eating disorders at Silver Hill Hospital.

  • Intensively Trained in Psychodrama, by the 2018 J. Moreno Achievement winner, Rebecca Walters, MS, LMHC
  • Intensively Trained in DBT PE (prolonged exposure) specifically for trauma & PTSD,  by treatment developer Melanie Harned, PhD
  • Trained in Family and Couples DBT by treatment founder, Alan Fruzzetti, PhD
  • Studied under Drs. Gunderson and Choi-Kain of the Gunderson Institute
  • Grady Rape Crisis Counselor

After her Initial DBT Intensive, she became sub-specialty trained in all other Behavioral-Tech offerings:

  • the multiply disordered client
  • adolescent protocol
  • suicide protocol
  • chain analysis & validation theory
  • skills training


1.  Fill out, print and sign the Volunteer Form and email or bring the signed copy to us.

2.  If you have not previously submitted a Liability Waiver and Rider Agreement, please do the same with those forms as well.

3.  Once we have received and reviewed your forms, we will contact you.

Thank you for interest in volunteering opportunities with Dream Power!

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While specializing in serving those with disabilities, handicaps and/or special needs, Dream Power provides therapeutic horsemanship programs beneficial to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of any individual.  The opportunity to serve creates an environment that fosters measurable and often miraculous growth in new found freedom, peace and joy that cannot be duplicated in any other therapeutic model.

We are dedicated to pursuing knowledge and understanding of the most current therapies because we hold ourselves accountable for providing the highest quality equine activities for all of the individuals, families, groups and the volunteers that are involved with Dream Power Therapy.